Why Us?


in replacement of acrylics and artificial enhancements, we offer gel polish | known as the safest and healthier way to have long lasting natural nails that stays glossy without damaging your nail beds

 our technology tubs

our custom made stainless steel, new technology pedicure tubs sanitizes and filters during your service, where our safe generator destroys all pathogenic bacteria

♥  our cleanliness

we take pride in providing our clients with an immaculately clean environment | our priority is to ensure your well being, health and safety

 our environment

home-feel, unpretentious and comfortable is the feeling we want you to have when you enter the nail bar | our commitment is to make your visit as relaxing as possible

♥  our friendly staff

we have meticulously selected a group of talented and enthusiastic team to take care of your beauty needs | we take great care in the training of our staff and the services and products we offer