Call-Ahead Policy & Gift Cards

Same Day Call-Ahead

We are currently not accepting walk-ins at this time. We are a same day call-ahead salon for your convenience.  It’s simple, just call us on the same day you want to visit to put your name on our list.  The earlier, the better!  Our call-ahead starts half an hour before we open:

Newtown Square
Mon-Sat: 9:30am | Sunday: 10:30am

Plymouth Meeting
Monday: 9:30am | Wed-Sat: 9:30am | Sunday: 10:30am

You must speak with our receptionist directly in order to put your name on our list (a voicemail will not be considered a call-ahead).  Please provide us with specific service(s) during your call because depending on our list for the day, the option of adding or upgrading a service may not be available when you arrive.  Please be aware that lateness may result in cutting out or downgrading a service.

Due to the volume and flow of the our salon, if you are expecting to be late to your call-ahead, we would appreciate a courtesy call to the salon to let us know you are on your way.  If by chance you are more than 15 minutes late arriving to your call-ahead we may ask you to downgrade your service or reschedule, depending on how it will effect our list for the day.

At The Nail Bar we try to be as prompt and efficient with our call-ahead list as possible, sometime services require more time than expectedly wait time may vary, but in some cases we can not foresee the issue, please be aware that each client has different needs and in some cases, our technician might be running late.  We will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible.  We really appreciate you choosing The Nail Bar and we look forward to pampering you.  

Lash Policy

The Lash Bar by NB takes great pride in the work we do!  If you have any concerns with the service you received, we will do a complimentary 30 minute fix within 3 days of service.

We do not offer refunds on services.

If you experience an allergic reaction to any of the products used during a service, please notify us immediately for assistance in assessing the situation. If you have experienced allergic reactions to eyelash extensions in the past and think you may have an allergy to our products, please let us know prior to your appointment. A patch test can be administered before your appointment. Simply phone or email us with this request. *Refunds are not given for allergic reactions or eye sensitivities.

Booking Policy:
A credit card must be on file to book all appointments. However, you may pay as you please upon arrival. We strongly suggest pre-booking any fills right after your service before leaving the salon to ensure you are able to get an appointment at the time and date needed so that you avoid any additional fees for retention loss/grown out lashes.

Late Policy:
If you are running late to an appointment, notify us within our 10 minute grace period. No notification will be deemed as a no show. If you are late, we will try our best to make your lashes as full as possible in the remainder of time allotted. You will still be charged full price. Please keep in mind we will always do our best to accommodate your session but will not take responsibility when clients are not on time.

Cancellation Policy:
Here at The Lash Bar by NB we understand unforeseen circumstances occur and you may need to cancel an appointment. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the service as a cancellation fee. If you reschedule, cancel or no show your appointment the day of, you will be charged 100% of your service as a cancellation fee. No further bookings will be made until the balance of your account has been settled. This is to protect your time that is set aside specifically for you and insure your service provider as well.

Sickness | Family Emergency:
If you, or another person in your household has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment. For your safety and that of staff and other clients, please abstain from coming to your appointment sick. If it is assumed that you are currently sick, we have the right to respectfully decline service until you are healthy again. We understand that a family emergency or an unexpected event may arise. A ONE-time allowance of last minute cancellation or reschedule will be permitted for sickness/emergency situation. The cancellation and no show policy will be in effect after the first offence.

We reserve the right to charge a no show fee to the credit card on file totaling 100% of the service to those who do not show up to an appointment. After 2 no shows you will not be able to book an appointment without a nonrefundable full payment of requested service at the time of booking.

Makeup Policy:
Please thoroughly remove all makeup prior to your lash session. Eyes must be clean and oil free upon arrival otherwise the time spent thoroughly removing your makeup will be deducted from your session and you will still pay the full price. We are unable to properly adhere semi-permanent lash extensions on lashes that have makeup/residue buildup. Failure to do so can lead to irritation and infection. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to use the provided lash cleanser before each session if needed.

Age Policy:
Clients must be at least 16 years or older to receive services. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults must be present in the treatment room during the consultation and sign the waiver as well.

Cell Phone Policy:
We ask that all cell phones are tuned off or on silent in the treatment rooms. If you are receiving a service in the lash bar area we ask that you do not open your eyes to check devices until after your session is complete being that our lash specialists are using tweezers, adhesive and other items near the delicate eye area and this takes time away from your service and may irritate eyes during and/or after your session.

Lash Fill Policies:
1 Week Fill (3-7 days): No more than 80% loss of initial set

2 Week Fills (8-14 days): No more than 40% loss of initial set
3 Week Fills (15-21 days): No more than 50% loss of initial set
4 Week Fills (22-29 days): No more than 60% loss of initial set

5+ Week Fills (30 days+): You will need a new full set of lashes. Even if you have lash retention, lashes need maintenance at least once a month to ensure your lashes are happy and healthy. We must remove lashes that are grown out.

Gift Cards

Need a gift card for a loved one, friend or co-worker?  Well, look no further!  We have gift cards available. Our gift cards are available in-store or online.  Please be aware that our in-store gift cards are location specific, which means the store location where you purchased the gift card from, can only be used at that specific salon location.  Link to purchase online gift card below:

Purchase Online Gift Card


We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover